Today, sound international research is a necessity if you are to seize opportunities and mitigate risks brought on by globalization. But we understand that your time is valuable. To make your job easier, we’ve reviewed some of the best websites available and listed them below.

A One-Stop Shop: Visit The National Trade Data Bank

The NTDB is one of the best sources of trade information available. It provides access to Country Commercial Guides, Market Research reports, and Best Market reports. This U.S. government site also provides U.S. import and export statistics, as well as over 75 other various reports and programs.

The International Trade Library is a comprehensive collection of over 40,000 documents related to international trade. All are full text searchable, as well as key word searchable by country or product.

For more information, go to www. or call 1-800-STAT-USA. The fees are minimal.

Prepare for the FTAA

To prepare for the upcoming Free Trade Area of the Americas, go to the U.S. Trade Representative’s FTAA site at

The site provides press releases, an overview and status of the FTAA negotiations, and data on agriculture, competition policy, dispute settlement, the environment, government procurement, intellectual property, investment, labor, market access, services, subsidies, antidumping and countervailing duties.

Receive a Daily Briefing

For a minimal fee, STRATFOR, a leading provider of global intelligence, will send you an electronic briefing daily. The company’s more than 40 employees are composed of business and intelligence professionals with backgrounds in the military, academia and leading think tanks. A variety of journalists also serve on the staff.

In addition to its Corporate and Government Intelligence practice, STRATFOR also provides intelligence to more than 20,000 individual members via its critically acclaimed website, And the company provides intelligence to leading publishers and selected members of global media, through its media and publishing practice.

Complete Your Deal Faster and Easier

By using the CB&T website, you can expedite your international deals by conveniently and quickly processing your trade documents. Plus, dealing with foreign currencies has never been easier. In addition, through CBTrade®, an automated on-line trade finance system, importers can apply for and send letters of credit (LCs). Exporters can review incoming LCs or other documentary collections, check on their status and more.

This article appeared in July 2001. (CB)

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